* 1. Which 2016 PLS play(s) did you see?

* 2. In what city did you see the play(s) performed? (check all that apply)

* 3. In this comment box, tell us what you thought about the play(s) -- whether about your experience overall or about particular performers, choices, or other element(s) of the plays.  We welcome all feedback, as long or as short as you wish.  Feel free to provide your name and/or email here (optional).

* 4. About how much money did you donate to the players? (If none, put 0; if you can't remember, put "don't remember"; if you gave more than once during the same show, please put the total; if you gave at more than one show, please use the extra boxes and notate which show is which).

* 5. If the play(s) you saw were ticketed, about how much would you think would be fair to charge for a ticket?

* 6. What was your experience of medieval English drama (i.e. plays earlier than Shakespeare) before seeing the play(s)? (Check all that apply)