Fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine for people who are severely immunosuppressed.

This is a survey to find out about access to the fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine. This is a booster dose of vaccine for people who were eligible for the third primary dose because they are severely immunosuppressed and so may not have responded as well as the general population to the first two primary doses. The fourth dose is recommended for people who are severely immunosuppressed at least 3 months (91 days) after their third primary dose. Please see here for more information about the Covid-19 vaccination schedule recommended for people with kidney disease.
Please do not include any personally identifiable information in your answers, such as your name, date of birth or NHS number.

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* 1. Where in the UK do you live?

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* 2. Do you believe you are eligible to receive a fourth (booster) dose of the Covid- 19 vaccine? If you are not sure whether you are eligible please check the eligibility criteria here.

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