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We would urge parents to think carefully before cancelling lessons - learning an instrument has ups and downs for everyone and the commitment needed to learn an instrument is one of the many benefits valued by those students that persevere (as well as employers and universities). How many times have you heard an adult/older student wish they had learned or stuck with an instrument they started earlier in life?

As a first option we would suggest communicating with your son/daughter's instrumental tutor via the practise diary as many tutors can vary repertoire or the skills being focused on to provide variation and re-engage a student.

If you still wish to cancel lessons, then once this form is completed lessons will stop at the beginning of the next full term (providing 6 weeks notice has been provided).

Please note the following:
Pupils frequently learn musical instruments in peaks and troughs and intermittent periods of slow progress or lowered engagement are to be expected - we would ask that parents encourage pupils to persevere through these periods in the first instance as many of us (myself included!) would not be musicians today had we not been encouraged to continue.

Communicating any concern to the pupil's instrumental teacher via their practise diary may lead to a change of repertoire or approach which may well re-engage a pupil and avoid their efforts so far being wasted.

Lessons will end at the end of the term so long as this form has been filled in at least six weeks prior to the start of the following term (as we have to contract staff based on demand).

Due to increased communication and decreased staffing we can only accept cancellation of lessons through the completion of this form (not via e-mail or phone call etc.).

We expect pupils to complete their term of lessons in full until their lessons are cancelled (as staff have been contracted to provide this service).

Any equipment/instruments loaned from the music department must be returned by the end of the current term or parents will be invoiced for the full cost of a replacement instrument/music book etc..

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