Security Award

For the ISP or cyber-security vendor that provides the best security solution for consumers or businesses.

Entrants must submit a written entry form (500 words maximum) detailing their security solution and how it has delivered benefits for customers. Entrants should focus on one specific case-study, however other examples can be used where appropriate. The written entry form will be reviewed by the judges who will determine the shortlist and the winner. Entrants may like to consider one or more of the following issues:

• Quality of the product or service
• Real-world benefits to customers
• Value for money
• Ease of use and integration options
• Innovative use of technology
• How it stands out from competitors
•  Effect of product/service on customer networks
• Disruption caused / interruption to end users
• Overall cost savings
• Reach measurement
• Examples of ‘foiled’ attempts to hack, or disrupt a customer’s information

The deadlines for submissions is 31 March 2017.

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In 30 WORDS why should you win this award?

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* 2. In 30 WORDS why should you win this award?

Summary or case study (500 words):

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