The Gay Games are coming to Europe for the 3rd time in only 36 years and are being held in Paris 2018.  This is a fantastic opportunity and experience for everyone attending and will be also be the first time that an official Team Scotland has taken part.  We know that taking part in the Games is expensive between the registration fees, the travel and the accommodation, not to mention spending money. LEAP Sports Scotland is working hard to raise funds to support as many people as possible to attend Paris 2018.

We currently have a small amount of funding available in the form of 6 bursaries of €275 each to assist participants with some of the costs.  We want this funding to support those who are most in need. In exchange for a bursary, we will ask you to formally represent Team Scotland at official Paris 2018 events.  Bursaries are therefore only available to those who plan to register or who have already registered with Paris 2018.  

We are still working on options to be able to offer further bursaries and we are likely to also create a waiting list in case further funding becomes available.  The deadline for applications is Sunday 3rd December 2017.

Click here for more information on Paris 2018.

* 1. About you

* 2. Why do you want to attend Paris 2018?

* 3. What sport(s) do you intend to register for?

* 4. What experiences do you want to gain from Paris 2018?

* 5. Tell us about any Gay Games, EuroGames or World Outgames that you have attended before.

* 7. Please tell us in your own words why you are in need of a bursary and why you would be a suitable beneficiary.