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* 7. If you are part of a Symbol Group, please insert which one

* 8. What is your store's entire trading area including post office?

* 9. How many Post Office counters do you have?

* 10. Please specify the type of counter you have and the number of counter positions you have for each counter type

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Open Plan

* 11. How many staff do you have working in your store?

* 12. Which of the following products does your shop sell?

* 13. Do you offer any additional services?

* 14. In which format do you read The Subpostmaster magazine?

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How to increase your sales of Post Office services
How to improve the way you run your Post Office
How to increase your retail turnover
How to improve your store layout and design
What to stock in the retail area
Leigislation (eg Tobacco and Alcohol)
Ready made solutions from the NFSP
How to improve your customer service
Store management tools
Business planning
Marketing your business
Business networking

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