Social prescribing is a means of enabling GPs and other health professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services usually in the third, charity or social enterprise sectors.  Social prescribing seeks to address people’s needs in a holistic way. It also aims to support individuals to take greater control of their own health and links “medical” processes into a more social model of health and well-being. 

The Accelerating Ideas programme at the Big Lottery (UK) are interested in funding the establishment of a Social Prescribing Network across the North of Ireland and Scotland to roll out the idea, extending take up and impact.  A partnership of the Healthy Living Centre Alliance (HLCA) and Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing (SCHW) in Northern Ireland and Scotland (respectively) have commissioned a consortia of Community Enterprise and Scottish Community Development Centre to investigate this model. There is a need to consider what such a model should look like in Northern Ireland and Scotland.  We would be very grateful if you would take a short time to input to the research by completing this survey.   If you would like any further information, please contact Douglas Westwater on or on 01506 862227.  The survey will close on the 18th August

* 1. Are you answering as;

* 2. Have you heard of Social Prescribing?

* 3. What would attract you to get involved in a social prescribing project?

* 4. What would be the barriers to getting involved in social prescribing?

* 5. Would you see this kind of initiative as potentially beneficial to your work?

* 6. This information is collected in the strictest confidence but it is helpful to know who you are, and we can keep you posted on developments.

* 7. Any final comments

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