Please take our Pagan Discrimination Survey and help us understand where the main issues occur

Have you been discriminated against because you are Pagan? Have you ever been mocked or ridiculed for being a Pagan? Have you ever been afraid of telling your family / friends / co-workers you are Pagan? Do you feel Paganism isn't taken as seriously as other the faith communities? Would you ever tell someone your faith in a job interview or on a government form? Do you have a hidden or pseudonym on Social media (Facebook, Instagram etc) account to hide your faith? Have you ever had someone offer to "pray for you" because of your faith?

We wish to gather information from our communities both north and south of the border, and also across Europe, to ascertain what the true extent to which discrimination against Paganism exists in our modern society, in order to tackle it better and identify the problem areas.

This Pagan Discrimination Survey is one of four discrimination surveys - this one focuses on general discrimination in everyday life. This Pagan Discrimination Survey was compiled by the Scottish Pagan Federation in consultation with Aglaja Kempinski, Social Anthropologist of the University of Edinburgh, and in collaboration with the Pagan Federation England and Wales, the Pagan Heathen Symposium, the Druid Network, and several other prominent Pagan Organisations.

Our survey mostly consists of questions requiring tick-box answers - with the option to provide additional information if you wish to do so. Responses are anonymous and there are no compulsory questions.