Hello and thank you for taking part in the fourth edition of State of the Adviser Nation, our annual omnibus study. It's our biggest event of the year and helps to inform so much of what we do at the lang cat. By participating you're helping with an as-yet-unknown number of articles, papers, projects and conversations.
There are two things we really need to focus on before we kick off, so do forgive and indulge us in dwelling on these points before we get going.
Firstly, this is by some considerable distance the biggest exercise we do each year. If you fly through this without noting down too many verbatim comments then you'll still be investing at least 20 to 25 minutes of your time. If you really get stuck into it then it'll be a bit longer than that, potentially up to the 40 minute mark.
We realise that's a big investment of your time so we try and make sure we offer something meaningful in return. That's why we don't hide these results away from the people who made it happen. Participants will get the *full* results and report in return so you can see how you compare to your peers in the profession.

The last point to make is that as members of the Market Research Society, we take its code of conduct seriously and as such, no data or comments will ever be attributed back to you. We will report back at a sector and segment level, completely anonymously. Even so, no question in here is mandatory.

Righto - time to get cracking.

3% of survey complete.