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We have launched a three-month consultation programme called Shaping Orthopaedic Services which outlines plans to redesign orthopaedic services in Tayside.

As the population of Tayside using health services increases, the demand for orthopaedic services continues to rise. We are experiencing an increase in the number of people requiring both unplanned and planned orthopaedic operations across the region.

To continue to deliver high quality unplanned trauma and planned care, we need to re-design our services to ensure we have a service model fit for the future.

Our review of orthopaedic services includes both unplanned trauma and planned surgery.

Orthopaedic trauma is a serious injury to part of the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints and soft tissues), and is often the result of an accident. For some this means an operation is needed to fix the damage.

Planned orthopaedic surgery is a procedure, where a patient is booked in to an operating theatre slot in advance. This type of procedure could include a hip or knee replacement.
  • The Shaping Orthopaedic Services plan means that:

    All unplanned orthopaedic surgical trauma will be carried out at Ninewells. This means that all unplanned trauma patients across Tayside will have 24-hours-per day access to our specialist orthopaedic surgical team at Ninewells Hospital. Having all orthopaedic trauma care at Ninewells will release more consultant time to support planned surgery, which will help to meet patient demand and reduce waiting times.

  • More planned orthopaedic operations will be carried out in Perth Royal Infirmary resulting in around 400 more operations per year. By increasing planned theatre capacity, patients attending for planned procedures can also be treated more quickly and waiting times will be reduced.

  • Centres of excellence for elective surgery will be developed in Perth Royal Infirmary and continue in Stracathro Hospital. A centre of excellence is where expert health professionals work together in the same site or area to provide the very best specialist care and treatment for patients.

Shaping Orthopaedic Services aims to improve the quality of care, enhance patient safety, improve patient outcomes and patient experience.

Evidence shows that carrying out unplanned orthopaedic trauma surgery and planned orthopaedic surgery on separate sites results in reduced surgical cancellations, as the beds available are managed separately.  

You can read more information on the Transforming Tayside webpage

Public feedback is vital and allows us to gather views on the recommended clinical changes.

Please share your views by completing this short survey:

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* 1. Which of the following Shaping Orthopaedic Services in Tayside documents did you read?

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* 2. If you read any of the Shaping Orthopaedic Services documents, did they help you understand the reasons why changes to the orthopaedic services in Tayside are needed?

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* 3. If you read any of the Shaping Orthopaedic Services documents, did they help you understand the proposals for orthopaedic services in Tayside are needed?

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* 4. Please tell us what you think about the following aspects of the plans for orthopaedic services in Tayside?

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Move all orthopaedic trauma care to Ninewells Hospital to improve patient safety and outcomes
The planned increase in elective/planned orthopaedic services being provided at Perth Royal Infirmary

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* 5. If it means we could see and treat patients quicker for planned surgery or an outpatient appointment, would you be willing to travel to Perth Royal Infirmary or Stracathro Hospital for an appointment?

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* 7. Which model of care do you think will best meet the needs of all people and families across Tayside?

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