Thank you for taking the time to complete this short anonymous survey. 
The views of both full time researchers and healthcare staff are important to us. Therefore, this survey is designed for both groups. Of course, some healthcare staff will also have had research roles and their perspective will be particularly valuable.

Research question
Following on from our blog post in which we discuss the potential benefits of healthcare staff involvement in, and/or direct exposure to the process of applied health research, we are interested in your views about other potential benefits. 
We are not interested in the benefits that arise from exposure to research findings. There is a lot of evidence already in this area. While we also appreciate that there may be downsides as well as benefits, this is not the focus here.
We are also not talking about audits, but research specifically. 
Applied health research

We define applied health research as any targeted research that applies results directly to a specific health-related problem. Indeed, applied research data are used in the real world, may directly influence healthcare practice and often ask questions raised by policy makers.

Examples of research studies that may be used in applied health research include, but are not limited to:
  • Randomised controlled trials
  • Surveys
  • Intervention co-design projects
  • Interview studies such as focus groups and those conducted one-to-one
  • Action research
Exposure to the research process

We define exposure to the research process as any tangible staff exposure to researchers engaged in ongoing projects, in the workplace. Examples include:
  • Staff participation in a research project
(e.g. completing a survey, being interviewed)
  • Staff involvement and/or collaboration in a research project 
(e.g. helping design or deliver an intervention or programme)
  • Staff facilitation in a research project
(e.g. providing a space for researchers or helping find participants)
  • Staff interaction with researchers in the workplace
  • Staff awareness or simple exposure to research in the workplace 
(e.g. being aware of researchers in their workplace, or seeing research being undertaken in the workplace)
Benefits of research

We define benefits of research in the broadest sense: any emotional or practical positive impact on an individual's professional, social or personal life. 

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(please note staff who are also researchers will have the opportunity to answer from each perspective further on in this survey)

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