* 1. Do you like our plans? 

* 2. Which of these would be of most value to you and your family if they were run from the refurbished church hall?

* 3. We are planning to open the church in order to provide more space for general community use. Which of these would be of most use to you?

* 4. We have an opportunity to transform the open space around the war memorial, how would you like this space to be used?

* 5. These plans have been designed to respond to the views that were expressed in a survey that was completed in late 2015. Did you take part in that earlier survey?

* 6. Do you think that you and your family would be likely to come to events at the street level halls? 

* 7. Do you think your children or grand children would be likely to come to the relocated pre-school? 

* 8. Do you think that there are enough of the following services in this area? 

  Yes, there are enough  No, we need more 
Places for community activity 
Places to get help or advice 
Places for social events 
Play areas 

* 9. What do you think that Ore needs to make it a great place to live? (Please say no comment or don't know to skip this question) 

* 10. Do you go to services at Christ Church 

* 11. Do you or any of your family ever attend any of these projects that are currently run from the church hall? (Tick all that apply)

* 12. How important are the church and the hall to you and your family?

  Very important  Fairly important  Not important  Don't know/no opinion 

* 13. Are you:

* 14. Which age group applies to you

* 15. Do you live in Ore Village or the surrounding area

* 16. How long have you lived here

* 17. Do you belong to a particular faith group 

* 18. Is there anything else you'd like to say about how the church can help everyone in the neighbourhood?