As part of the process for transferring to the new system, every child with a statement of SEN must receive a full EHC needs assessment to determine whether they need an EHC plan and what the content of that plan should be.

Local authorities must must gather new advice and information from professionals as part of the EHC needs assessment unless the local authority, the parent or young person, and the professional who gave the advice all agree that the existing advice from the statement is sufficient. They must also have regard to the need to involve children and parents as closely as possible in the process. 

SEC is acting on concerns that a lack of resources in local areas is resulting in many children with statements not receiving their full entitlement to an EHC needs assessment and that the EHC plans resulting from this process are of poor quality. We are now seeking evidence of whether or not this is the case.

* 1. Name of local authority this information relates to

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* 3. Name of  your setting, organisation or group (optional)

* 4. What is your involvement in the process?

* 5. In your experience, are children who are being transferred from statements to EHC plans routinely receiving a full EHC needs assessment?

* 6. In your experience, does the local authority routinely request new professional advice about the child (e.g. from an educational psychologist) as part of the transfer process?

* 7. In your experience, where the local authority does not request new advice from professionals as part of the transfer process, does it seek agreement from parents that existing advice is sufficient?

* 8. In your experience, are children whose statements are being transferred to EHC plans, and their parents, given a person-centered assessment as part of the transfer process?

* 9. In your experience, do the EHC plans that result from the transfer process reflect the requirements that are set out in the 2014 SEND Code of Practice?

* 10. In your view, what will be the impact of the requirement that every child with a statement is transferred to an EHC plan by April 2018?