St Mark's Church and Church Hall are committed to supporting local residents of all (or no) faith. Our church is open daily for reflection or prayer and our Hall and community centre is available to any person or organisation to use, regardless of their personal beliefs. We provide a platform for spiritual and community events and support throughout the Parish of St Mark, which broadly covers the area North of the trainline. But our facilities are open to everyone, regardless of residence.

As part of our planning for the contribution of St Mark's Church to the life of Reigate, we are conducting a survey of local residents. Completion is optional and can be anonymous if you wish.

Our objective is to be better informed of the needs of our local community as we review our current and future activities.

All questions are optional and we only ask you to provide your name and contact details in the event you would like to receive any additional information from us.

You can view our Data Protection Notice on our website.

If you would like to know more about the current events and activities we organise and support, please see our website.

We will provide general feedback on the responses received and any emerging issues in our monthly Parish Magazine and on our website. If you have any specific questions relating to the survey and its completion, please telephone or email Revd. Martin Colton.

Tel: 01737 241161

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* 2. Have you recently visited St Mark's Church or the Church Hall?

  Within the last month This year 2018 or earlier I have never visited
St Mark's Church
Church Hall

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* 3. If you have visited the Church or Church Hall recently, why was this? (Tick all that apply.)

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* 4. Would you be more likely to attend a service or event organised by St Mark's if it was held:

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* 5. What event or activity (of any kind) would you or your household like to attend if it could be provided in Reigate?

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* 6. Listed below are the current elements of our local action plan. Please would you rank them in order of importance to you / your family.

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* 8. Is there any other view, comment or question that you would like to offer concerning St Mark's Church? This might relate to our current activities or activities you would like to see us involved with.

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* 9. Contact details (if you wish us to respond to you)

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