Welcome to the Forest - Country Cottage Needleworks

If you would like to sign up to this auto-ship program please respond to the questions below.

Additional important information :
1. This series is due to start in March 2018. The release dates are when our supplier sends the parcel to us.  Please allow for the time taken to send this to us across the Atlantic (I am expecting this to be towards the end of  each month).
2. By signing up you are committing to the 7 part program and any options you  select.
3. We will invoice you as soon as we receive each part. Please ensure your email address and postal address are correct. Your order will be dispatched once payment is received. The deposit paid will be deducted from the invoice of the 7th installment. All prices are in GBP £.
4. Normal postage and packing charges will apply.
5. Our standard terms and conditions apply and can be found at www.peaksideneedleworks.co.uk
6. To make sure that you receive the 1st part as soon as it is available please sign up before the 5th March 2018.
    Late sign up's may be accepted though this may delay the start of the series for you.

* 1. I would like to sign up to the Country Cottage Needleworks Welcome to the Forest 7 part series . The Chart for each part will be priced at £4.75. I understand that I will be invoiced a non-refundable deposit of £4.75 which will be deducted from the last part.

* 2. Fabric choices - There are a few options, please read carefully.  Individual sizes allow for a 2.5" border and the large pieces allow for a 3" border.
28ct Permin Lambswool
32ct Permin Lambswool
14 ct Aida Permin Lambswool
16 ct Aida Permin Lambswool
Individual pieces will be sent with each installment.
Subject to availabilty and demand. You will be notified as soon as possible if there is any issue with your choice.

* 3. The called for threads are both hand dyed and DMC.
Country Cottage Needleworks has provided us with a thread usage for the series. This is a guide and everyone has different usage. We have also offered an option of a staggered release of threads to spread the cost. 
Staggered released (5 hand dyed + DMC with first part, 4 skeins Hand dyed with part 3 and last 2 hand dyed skeins with part 5 ) 
Please select all options required. (eg hand dyes, DMC and all with part 1)

* 4. We will send you a PayPal invoice prior to dispatch. Please provide us with the email address you would like us to use for the invoice and updates regarding this program.

* 5. To ensure that your parcel arrives safely please provide your delivery address.

* 6. If you have any other comments, questions, or concerns please use the space below

If you need further information or have any queries lease do not hesitate to contact us at info@peaksideneedleworks.co.uk.
Please make sure you click on DONE to submit your commitment to the auto-ship program. This needs to be done for us to receive your details.