Why we need your input

We really appreciate your anonymous input into nine short questions, to help us decide how better to help you to avoid complaints. 

The SLCC, as well as dealing with service complaints, must work to reduce the causes of complaints, and to support firms to deal effectively with the complaints they receive.  

Complaints cannot be accepted by the SLCC unless the complainer has first set out their complaint to the firm and given them a chance to resolve the issues – what we call “first tier”. We aim to improve the way that firms handle their first tier processes. If this process does not achieve a resolution, and the complaint is then lodged with the SLCC, we always continue to explore the possibility of early resolution with both the complainer and the firm.

But most importantly, we aim to help practitioners recognise and address early warning signals, so they can take earlier steps to improve their service and in this way, prevent the issues escalating.

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