Nominate now in the Scots Language Awards 2022!

Hands Up for Trad cannae wait tae welcome ye tae the 2022 Scots Leid Awards. The thocht ahint the awards is tae heighlicht oor braw Scots Leid, bringin it forrit intae the een o the public an media in aa its mony forms.

The Scots Leid Awards ceremony itsel wi aa the winners wull be on the nicht o 24th September. The Awards are spreid ower ten categories an alangside o the ‘lifetime achievement award’ gie richtfu recognition tae the mony dedicatit fowk wha ower years lang syne an intae oor ain time gie thir aa tae makin shair the guid Scots leid is keepit tae the fore in its cultur, music an wirds. 

Afore we get tae aa this, we wad like tae ken wha, in your opeenion, it wad be fittin tae hae in oor final nominations. In that speerit, hae a think aboot yer ain favourit fowk an organisations then fill in the form ablaw wi yer chusins. The closin date is 14th August. The final nominations wull be annooncit on 5th September.

Stey abreist o aa the Awards news at

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