Welcome to our quick survey, collecting Public views our amended Neighbourhood Plan

The Malmesbury Area Neighbourhood Plan was ‘made’ back in 2015 and we have conducted this review to ensure that it remains effective and up to date. You will see information about the current review and the amended draft plan on the Malmesbury Town Council website.
While some Plan Policies have been retained, others have been amended, deleted, or introduced as new. Other Objectives and Tasks have also been changed. New wording added to the plan is highlighted in yellow and wording taken out is struck through.  Please give us your view on the amended plan!
A paper copy of this information is available at Malmesbury Town Hall, together with paper feedback forms. Please phone if you require further help on 01666 822143.
Your comments will be publicly available and may also appear on the Town Council website and other forms of media, but your name and address and/ or email address will not be shown in public, unless you give your express permission.