Help us understand your priorities for a new Pride event in Dundee!

* 1. Would you support a Pride march and event in Dundee?

* 2. When in 2018 do you think is the best time for a Pride in Dundee?

* 3. Should there be a charge for Pride?

* 4. Should there be a Pride march?

* 5. Where would you like a Dundee Pride event to be held?

* 6. What elements would make a great Pride for you? (Select as many as you feel are appropriate)

* 7. Please tell us what your accessibility priorities would be (eg. indoor or outdoor venue, shorter march for wheelchairs, BSL interpreters)

* 8. Which organisations would you like to see at Pride?

* 9. Please share your other ideas or thoughts on a Dundee Pride for 2018 below:

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