Pate's Business Sentiment Survey

Thank you very much for agreeing to take part in the business sentiment survey for Pate's Grammar School's Target 2.0 team. Target 2.0 is a competition run by the Bank of England for teams to try to predict inflation in two years' time and alter monetary policy accordingly. Your responses will be invaluable for us as we move forward with this endeavour. We request that only owners or senior managers of the business take part in this questionnaire. Thank you again!

* 1. Are you planning on making any large capital purchases in the next two years?

* 2. Are you finding it difficult to recruit at the moment?

* 3. What do you expect to happen to demand for your goods and/or services in the next two years?

* 4. What effect do you think the introduction of the "National Living Wage" in April 2016, an increase of the minimum wage to £7.20 per hour, will have on your recruitment/redundancy plans?

* 5. What do you expect the rate of inflation (the rate at which prices rise annually) to be in two years’ time? (Please select the nearest appropriate answer.)

* 6. By how much do you think the prices you charge for your business's goods or services will increase in the next two years, and why? (Please give your answer as a whole number percentage, whether positive or negative.)

* 7. At what percentage of maximum output do you think your business is currently operating at? (Please give your answer as a whole number from 0% to 100%.)

* 8. What risks or uncertainties do you see as the largest threats to business spending in the next two years?