SISA Silver level application form

The Silver Award stage of the SISA Programme provides students with an in-depth opportunity to design the future.

You will work with students from across Scotland to begin the process of developing new and disruptive innovative ideas for products, services and policy changes that will help you work towards a future that will benefit our society.

Working in teams, you will draw on your course work, subject knowledge and personal skills in order to explore the potential of your ideas to become the realities of the future and learn how to take the first actions to make them tangible in the present.

This critical map to the future will be presented to government, giving participants the opportunity to contribute to work which has the potential to shape policy and investment and have real impact in Scotland.

Who should attend:

  • Students who are interested in the theme and may be looking for a project to work on in their final year
  • Students who are already in their final year and want to add more depth to their understanding of innovation
  • Students with a business idea that fits the theme and want to see where it fits into Scotland's future
  • Students who have already participated in the SISA Bronze workshops and want to further develop their skills.


Question Title

* 1. In no more than 100 words, please tell us why you think you should go forward to the Silver level of the SISA programme.

Question Title

* 2. Have you already completed the Bronze level of SISA?