In the SIMRA project we aim to advance understanding of social innovation and innovative governance in agriculture, forestry and rural development, and how to boost them, in marginalised rural areas across Europe and around the Mediterranean, including non-EU countries.

Social innovation refers to "the reconfiguring of social practices in response to challenges associated with society, economy or environment based on novel ideas and values. These practices include the creation of new institutions, networks, and governance agreements, and seek to enhance societal outcomes, especially but not exclusively for disadvantaged groups, and recognizing the likelihood of trade-offs among competing interests and outcomes. While these practices may include diverse institutions, they necessarily include the voluntary engagement of civil society actors." (Note – It is a working definition of social innovation to be revised as the project evolves).

If you are aware of an example of social innovation being developed in a marginalised rural area (e.g. in mountain, arid, island or sparsely populated area), please let us know a bit more about it by answering the following questions. You can leave questions blank where the answers are not known. We are grateful for any information you can provide.

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