My name is Jo Lloyd and I’m carrying out a three year evaluation of the Positive Futures Programme for Venture Trust.

Positive Futures is Venture Trust's three phase programme for ex-service men and women struggling with the transition to civilian life. It is a personal development programme that helps participants make positive changes to their lives.

The programme helps participants to negotiate barriers, gain some control of their situation, and to work towards achieving personal goals. These could be applying skills learnt within the military; finding a home, rebuilding broken relationships; working towards living a healthy, safe and stable life; retraining or applying for a job; or utilising their skills through volunteering.

You are part of an organisation that has the welfare of veterans at its heart. That means we'd like to hear your views Positive Futures and its place in veterans' support.

To that end, would you complete a short survey? We’ve tested it and, depending on your answers, it takes about 7-10 minutes to complete.

If you have colleagues who might like to give their views, please viral the survey link onto them.

The survey is being run under the Code of Conduct, rules and guidelines of the Market Research Society. This means that:
 -  If you choose to take part, you can stop at any point and leave the survey.
 -  Any answer you give remains fully confidential and anonymous.
 -  The data you provide will only be seen by me and my fellow researcher. It will not be seen by anyone else – at all, anywhere. We aggregate all the data to give an overall picture of views on Positive Futures
 - Your name, email address and phone number are only collected should you a) wish to know more about Positive Futures or b) you are willing to take part in an interview with the research team. They will not be used for any other purpose.

If you have any questions or want to know more about this research, please get in touch.

Jo Lloyd
Director of Research, GAP Communications
Tel: 077 333 94 641 E: W:
If you wish to check my bona fides, please contact Gordon Thomson at Venture Trust through and he will be pleased to confirm the work is taking place.
This survey is run under the Code of Conduct and professional guidelines issued by the Market Research Society (MRS) who are the professional body covering market research. Jo Lloyd, CMRS, of GAP Communications is leading the research. Jo is a member of the MRS (Membership Number: 2181903).