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Welcome to the SIBA Industry Report Questionnaire 2023/24

Thank you for taking part in this survey which is essential in gathering accurate, up to date information about independent craft brewing in the UK. The data from this survey is not only a vital tool for SIBA in planning our strategy and direction, but also forms the basis of the highly respected SIBA Independent Craft Beer Report. The survey is open to all independent breweries in the UK.
To complete this survey you will need:
  • Sales Data - analysis by product type, packaging type and customer type
  • Pricing information
  • Personnel information / employee list
  • HMRC Records - I.e. Beer Duty Account and production records
A full list of the survey questions can be viewed here.

All SIBA Member Breweries who complete the survey and submit their production figures when requested to do so via the Toolbox no later than 28 February 2024 will be eligible for a prize draw to win a £500 credit voucher with the Supplier Associate of your choice. The winner will be announced at BeerX. Full terms and conditions can be found here.
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