Charging Futures Forum - registering your interest 

This form will be used to register for the Charging Futures mailing list as well as for participation in the Charging Futures Forum. For the Forum, only one representative for each network user organisation can attend. 

* 1. Name

* 2. Role title with a brief description of your role

* 3. Organisation

* 4. What best describes you? (You can choose more than 1 option)  

* 5. Contact details

* 6. How do you want to be involved in Charging Futures?

Charging Futures Forum participation

Please note –  we may have to manage the number of attendees and will confirm nearer the time if you have secured a place at the Charging Futures Forum.  (If there is a large degree of over-subscription, we will explore other options to broaden access to the Charging Futures Forum meetings).

To help us cater for stakeholder interests, please answer the following questions:

* 7. If you are network user:  How do electricity network charges directly or indirectly impact your business? Please illustrate where you can. For example, the percentage of your business costs that are network charges.

* 8. If you are not a network user (advisor, trade association or academic) please explain why you would like to attend the event.

* 9. Additional support

If you see yourself as a smaller industry participant:

We want to know if any additional support is needed to help small industry participants understand what potential changes to network charges would mean for them – alongside the Charging Futures forum.  If this was available, would you be interested in this additional support?