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* 3. Please tell us about why you are interested in volunteering at Keats House

* 4. Which volunteer role(s) are you interested in? Please select all that apply:

* 5. When are you available to volunteer? Please select all days that apply:

Please note: Events volunteers shifts are either in the evening from 5.30-9pm or weekend afternoons. Tours take place at 1.30 and 3pm daily. Please see our website for more detail on the timings of specific roles.

* 6. How regularly are able to volunteer? Please select:

* 7. Do you have any previous experience or skills that you think would be useful in your role?
(We believe that everyone has something to offer, so include life or work experiences. You may email or post a CV to us if you like, but this is not compulsory.)

* 8. If there are any health or other issues we should take into account when planning a programme of volunteering for you at Keats House, could you briefly describe them?

* 9. How did you find out about this opportunity to volunteer at Keats House?