Festival Fortnight brings together a mixture of sporting, cultural, academic, social and recreational events and activities. Coordinated by LEAP Sports Scotland, the festival aims to increase the visibility and participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in Scottish sport. The festival also provides opportunities to raise awareness of LGBTI and wider equality, inclusion, and human rights issues within the world of sport and physical activity.

This year's Festival Fortnight will take place from 17th - 30th June and the programme is already beginning to fill. We want to see plenty of activities across the country for LGBTI people to get involved in. To help make this happen, this small grants scheme allows sports groups and community groups a small resource to put on an event.
This year we're offering up to £200 to put on an event. 
If you require funding for your youth group, please fill out this application instead.
Not sure what to do? 
This form offers a useful planning tool, so take a quick look through and see what things you need to consider in order to run a successful event. To get your creative juices flowing, some event concepts include:
  • Having a 'come and try', ‘taster’ or ‘open night’ to encourage people to come along.
  • Organising a sports day, challenge event, exhibition or tournament.
  • Putting on a cultural event such as a film night, play or show.
Check out last year's programme here to get some inspiration.  
Although we encourage a wide variety of events, we do require that they meet at least one of the festival's aims and you will need to clearly demonstrate this in order to be included in the programme:
  • To increase the visibility of LGBTI people in sport
  • To increase the participation of LGBTI people in sport
  • To raise awareness of LGBTI issues in sport
  • To raise awareness of wider equality and human rights issues in sport

Have your plan sorted? 
Continue with this questionnaire (clicking the 'next' button below) to tell us about the event you would like to run and apply for a grant. The application deadline is 5PM, 27th April. All applications will go to an assessment panel and their decision on your application will be communicated by 1st May.

If you do not need a grant, please list your Festival Fortnight event here.
We strongly recommend that you read the Festival Fortnight Partner Handbook for more information on how the festival works, further tips on writing the application and to see what's required from you in terms of communication and promotion.
Thank you for your interest in Festival Fortnight. If you have any questions or require help with idea development or planning, please do not hesitate to email sirri@leapsports