Healtex early career research (HECR) network

The UK healthcare text analytics network (Healtex) aims to bring together early career researchers (PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, early career fellows, etc.) in a network that will provide peer support and feedback from more senior members in order to help advance their career. Healtex will provide logistic support to the network's activities, which might include hackathons, support for sharing tools/data, fellowship grant preparation etc.

As you are probably aware, Healtex is organising a PhD student forum during the HealTAC 2018 conference, when the first meeting of the network will take place. As a first step, we are inviting early career colleagues to join this network via this brief survey.

We are looking forward to seeing you at HealTAC - don't forget to submit your contribution by February 15 2018.

* 1. Personal details:

* 2. Please add me to the HECR mailing list:

* 3. Research interests (keywords):

* 4. Current position:

* 5. Current project:

* 6. Previous position (if relevant):

* 7. Previous project (if relevant):

* 8. Would you be interested in applying for an EPSRC/MRC/NIHR fellowship:

* 9. Please help us shape the HECR network: how would you would like it to be set up, what kind of activities would be useful (250 words max)