The Edina Trust is keen to evaluate the impact of its grant scheme on the teaching and learning of science in your school. The Edina Trust grants are non-competitive and your responses will not affect any future grant applications.

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* 1. Please answer the following:

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* 2. The following statements are identical to the statements on the application form for the science grant. We are looking to assess your current views on science in your school and whether or not your opinion has changed since you submitted your application.

Please rate the following questions:

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The lack of quality science resources in school limits the type of science lessons we can deliver.
The lack of quality science resources in school affects the number of science lessons we can deliver.
The science resources we have in the school restrict the number of pupils that can actively take part in practical science. This means that science is often 'demonstrated' by teachers rather than carried out by pupils.
The opportunities and experiences we currently offer for science visits/science visitors are limited.
Our current science resources do not enthuse and encourage our pupils to have an interest in science.

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* 3. Please describe how the grant has impacted on (i) the science learning outcomes for your pupils, and, (ii) your teaching practice.

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* 4. Please describe a part of your project which was really successful and fully met or surpassed your expectations, as well as any disappointments we can learn from.

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* 5. Please provide any comments/suggestions or ideas regarding the operation of the Scheme.

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* 6. Edina Science Grant Marketing
Edina likes to create an information bank of ideas to publicise its grant scheme to schools and help them decide how to use their grants effectively.

Please let us know if we can use the information from this survey anonymously on our website, Twitter and/or in our newsletters (

Photographs are particularly welcomed (with, or without, supporting information or material generated during the project). If you have any lessons plans or pictures that you are happy to share, please send them to:

If you send any pictures and/or materials to the Trust, please clearly indicate if we can use them on our website, Twitter, and/or in our newsletters. (Where permission is expressly given photographs will be used for no more than six years, after which time they will be deleted).

Thank you for your time.