The Uniting to Combat NTDs partnership (Uniting) was established following the 2012 London Declaration on NTDs, where partners committed to play their part in supporting the achievement of the targets in the first WHO NTD Roadmap for Implementation. The partnership has now evolved to a new structure to support the achievement of the SDG 3 target on NTDs and to support all 20 diseases in the new WHO Roadmap for NTDs (2021-2030). Today, Uniting is the brand of the NTD partnership, providing it with an identity for communications and advocacy. Uniting is also the term used to refer to the Secretariat and Working Groups of the partnership, which work under the governance of the Board and Consultative Forum. Uniting does not provide funding to partners.  
The purpose of this anonymous survey is to seek your input on the draft 2021 - 2030 strategy. Feedback from the survey will be incorporated into the strategy for review and approval by the Uniting Board. Once final, the strategy will be supplemented by an Operational Plan, which will cover the activities, timescales, resources and budget for the work of the Secretariat and Working Groups.

Instructions for completing survey
  • Each of the following pages includes different components of the strategy along with statements asking how strongly you agree, or disagree, with what has been stated. There is also an option to indicate no response if you feel this is appropriate.
  • Each section also includes an open text box, to provide any additional commentary for your response. While these boxes are an optional part of the survey, we request with any “strongly disagree” responses you consider adding additional feedback to this box.
This survey can be completed in as little as ten minutes and your responses are completely anonymous.

The survey is designed to be completed online, however if you would like to complete an offline version or have any other questions please contact the Secretariat on info@unitingtocombatntds.org. 
Thank you for your time

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