Innovate UK Innovation and Design Survey

We would like to understand how design is used, or not used, within your organisation. 

The survey will take around 5-8 minutes to complete. Please answer all questions as fully as possible. Click “next” to continue. By clicking “next” you agree to participate in the survey. Click “submit” when you have finished. 

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Thank you for taking part in this survey for Innovate UK. Your input is greatly appreciated.

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* 2. Approximately how many people are employed by your organisation?

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* 3. Does your business employ or sub-contract any of the following design disciplines, or plan to do so within the next 2 years?
[Tick all that apply]

  No Yes - employed Yes - sub-contracted We plan to in the next 2 years
Design managers
Industrial designers
UX / UI designers (user experience/user interaction designers)
Product designers
Service designers
Graphic designers
Design engineers

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* 4. A business function is a grouping of processes or operations that are carried out routinely within an organisation to help it achieve its mission. Examples include human resources, IT, marketing, research and development, finance etc.

How would you describe the design function within your business?

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