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* 5. Please rate the following statements

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I am aware of how the school provides for SEND groups.
Members of the SEND team are approachable and friendly.
I am aware of the procedures of outside agencies for SEND.
Issues raised about SEND or my child's needs are dealt with efficiently by the school.
I am informed about when outside agencies are visiting my child in school.
I receive up to date reports from outside agencies working with my child in school.
Opportunities are planned to discuss the individual needs of my child.
Targets and strategies that are identified for my child are appropriate to my child's needs.
Homework set for my child is appropriate to their needs.
I am aware of how I can help my child at home.
I am informed about the interventions my child is accessing.
I receive feedback of how well my child has progressed with intervention and in class.
My child has the opportunity to join in extra-curricular activities and visits, and strategies are put into place for them to succeed in these areas.
The school's policy on SEND is clear and accessible to you as a parent.
The school's website contains useful and essential information about SEND
There are opportunities for parents to give their views regarding SEND procedures by the school.

* 6. If you have any further comments or ideas about how we could further improve our SEND provision please comment in the box below.