Welcome to the application form for the 2018/19 NatWest SE100 Index & Social Business Awards – thank you for your interest in becoming a Top 100 UK social enterprise!

In this form, you will find a series of questions designed to find out more about your organisation and why you should be in this year's Top 100. They cover everything from your finances to how you market yourselves, the strength of your leadership, and the way in which you measure, manage and demonstrate your impact. Before you begin the survey, you will find it helpful to gather some documents such as your annual accounts and any impact information you have, which will help you provide accurate answers.

Please be as thorough as you can in answering these questions. Those marked with an asterisk are compulsory. However, even though some questions are optional, the more sections you fill in, and the more detail you provide, the more points can be awarded to you.

Please note that to be eligible for the Top 100 Index, all applicants must fill in AT LEAST pages 2 to 4 (All about your organisation, Financial information, Managing your social impact). After that, your overall SE100 score is likely to be higher if you also answer the additional sections.

If you are hoping to win the Growth, Impact or Trailblazing Newcomer awards, you will be judged on your answers in the first three sections of this form. If you are applying for the Leadership, Storytelling or Resilience awards, there are further sections which must be completed, which will be made clear in the form.


Applications for the NatWest SE100 will be open until 7pm on Thursday, 14th February.

Please note that applications for the Investment Award have already closed (these took place earlier in 2018 in our Good Deals of the Decade process).

If you have any questions about this survey, please email the SE100 team at SE100@pioneerspost.com