LUC (Land Use Consultants) has been commissioned to conduct a consultation on the process of developing Whole Estate Plans within the South Downs National Park. Whole Estate Plans demonstrate the overall position and aspirations of an estate. They are designed to support estates, particularly those with larger land holdings which include complex commercial, social and environmental activities.

So far, six Whole Estate Plans have been approved by the South Downs National Park Authority (see map below). These have been for: West Dean Estate, Highfield Estate, Iford Estate, Wiston Estate, Newton Valence Estate, and Eastbourne Downland Estate. 
If you live, work, or are directly involved with any of the above Estates, we would love to hear about your experience and understanding of the Whole Estate Plan on the estate relevant to you.

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* 1. Please select the Estate of relevance to you

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* 2. What is your involvement with the Estate?

Whole Estate Plans are developed through a collaborative process, often involving many people associated with the Estate. The plans were approved by the South Downs National Park Authority on the following dates:

a. Wiston – July 2017
b. Newton Valence – September 2017
c.  Iford – March 2018
d. Highfield – March 2018
e. West Dean – February 2019
f. Eastbourne Downland – September 2020

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* 3. Prior to this survey, were you aware that a Whole Estate Plan exists for your local estate?

All Whole Estate Plans can be downloaded from the South Downs National Park Authority website. To view, open the following link before returning to the survey: