1. July 2016 SDL Workshop Feedback

100% of survey complete.
Thank you for taking the time to  look through theses questions.  I very much appreciate your feedback in evaluating the workshop, and especially determining what to offer in the future and how best to deliver it.
I hope you will find the process valuable to you too in reflecting on your experience, assessing your own growth and discoveries, and in validating you own needs and preferences.

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* 1. Your name

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* 2. Looking back to the workshop, how well do you now feel your needs and expectations were met?

  Exceeded Fully met Mostly met Only partly met Not met
Expectations met

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* 3. What positive changes, insights, enhanced capabilities etc. have you noticed since the workshop?

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* 4. Any negative effects since the workshop?

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* 5. In what ways was the group leader helpful to your experience of the workshop?
(Things he did, did not do, what they said, how he said it..)

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* 6. What was not helpful?

I am sorry the next question looks like a box ticking exercise.
I really want know what impact each of the elements had for you. 

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* 7. Considering the elements offered during the workshop, how valuable do you consider each to have been for you?

  Priceless Significant  Interesting Minor Pointless or worse
The 4 Rs: Respect, Recognition, Reassurance, Responsibility
Able & Equal: Capable, Powerful, Valuable, Lovable, Equal
Rilke poems
Gestalt Contact Cycle
Imagework: the Throne of Truth
The "walk into your future"
Your Individual Intensive
Other peoples' personal work
Paired Body works sessions
Qi Gong: Five Elements

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* 8. Which of these themes for a future workshop would interest you?

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* 9. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

Well done!

You lived through the questions.

You made to the end.

"Just keep going.
No feeling is final."

Thanks you so much.

Michael Gavin