The purpose of this scorecard is to provide a tool for civil society to identify the areas in which countries have created implementation plans for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the current status of the plans, and where there are gaps/opportunities.
The first page of the scorecard is meant to gather fundamental information about the government and civil society infrastructure to deliver the goals in your country. On page two, there are questions on the status of implementation plans and the level of cross-sectoral collaboration. Page three gathers basic background information about respondents.
The scorecard is being administered by Action for Sustainable Development to assist countries in their monitoring of goal delivery. More information available at

* 2. Which ministries and/or government departments are involved in national implementation plans for the SDGs?

* 3. Which ministry or government department has the primary mandate to manage the national delivery of the SDGs?

* 4. Which organisation or coalition is coordinating civil society´s engagement in the national delivery of the SDGs?

* 5. Does your government have a policy framework for SDGs implementation?

* 6. Does your government have a plan for financing goal delivery?

* 7. Is there parliamentary/congressional scrutiny of the national SDGs delivery framework?

* 8. Are local governments in your country actively engaged in the delivery of the SDGs?