Since the vote to leave the European Union referendum result was announced, SCVO has been working hard to gather the views of Scotland’s third sector and to find out what Brexit means to you.

Over a fifth of SCVO members told us that they have links with partners in Europe through a range of networks and partnerships.  But we currently lack an overview of what these many connections look like.

Please help us understand how you currently connect with European networks and institutions, and what you value about working with others across Europe by completing this mapping survey. 

We hope to use the information you provide in two ways:
1. To map Scotland's third sector European 'footprint' and get a better idea of the range of issues /agendas people are collaborating on.
2. To gather a range of useful examples to inform our European and international work, including Brexit of course, but also wider issues such as Sustainable Development Goals.

This mapping is an initial stage, which will then inform how we try to ensure valuable connections with Europe are not lost in the shorter-term political and financial upheavals around Brexit.

Survey content
Page 1: European networks
Page 2/3: transnational projects and informal connections

Thank you, SCVO

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* 1. Your organisation's name:

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* 2. Your name /role:

European networks

Please let us know about any European networks you / your organisation are part of.
If you are connected into more than one, please start by telling us about the network that is most important to you.

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* 3. Name of Network

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* 4. Subject area/policy area of network

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* 5. Please tell us a bit about the network, e.g.
- Why was it set up? What does it do?
- What are the benefits of being a member?
- Any key 'successes' you've had as a group?

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* 6. Are you a member of any other formal networks?