SCONUL, the professional organisation for academic libraries (, is undertaking research into the "pipeline for new talent".  We want to collect evidence about the experience of early career professionals (ECPs) working in SCONUL member libraries (at any level), in order to help us recruit the best people and support them in fulfilling their potential.  We are also interested in the perspectives of line managers and Heads of Service regarding the experience and potential of new library professionals.

Our research will give us a better understanding of:

The numbers involved and the types of roles occupied by early career professionals in SCONUL libraries;
The transition from Library and Information School (or equivalent) to professional practice;
The opportunities for ECPs to use and develop their skills while working in SCONUL member libraries; and
How managers can best support the professional development of their new recruits.  
The project is part of SCONUL's strategic priority to develop tools and materials to support members in workforce planning, and Evidence Base are undertaking this research on SCONUL's behalf. 

We would like to invite any early career professionals, line managers and Heads of Service to contribute to this research by completing our survey

For the purposes of this research, "early career professionals (ECPs)" means people:

With a CILIP-accredited (or equivalent) library qualification awarded in 2014 or later; and
Either working in, or having within the past 5 years worked in, the library (in the widest sense) of a SCONUL member.
A list of CILIP-accredited programmes is available at:; a list of SCONUL member libraries is available at:

Please note that our definition includes leavers (ie anyone qualified as above but who has left a SCONUL library post within the past 5 years).

The survey is open until Friday 25th October 2019, and there is an opportunity to provide contact details if you are interested in assisting further with the research project by taking part in a follow-up interview. 

Every care will be taken to maintain confidentiality and anonymity; all information received will be stored securely and out of reach of any third party.

Should you wish to get an overview of the survey questions before or during completion of the survey you can view PDFs of the survey here.
Ethical and GDPR Statement

Evidence Base is a Library and Information Research and Consultancy unit based in Birmingham City University (BCU). We are conducting this survey in collaboration with consultants David Ball and Sara Marsh on behalf of SCONUL.

We are collecting the data for SCONUL so that it can help SCONUL understand how to recruit and support Information and Library Studies students in their first role post-qualification in a SCONUL member library. We are using Survey Monkey which is compliant with GDPR and data protection laws. Data will be stored in compliance with BCU’s data protection policies during the time of this project, then anonymised data will be transferred to SCONUL for their future use for internal strategic planning.

The project report will be openly published on SCONUL's website. Some comments from the survey may be used in the report to illustrate issues and points.

You have the right to have a copy of your data, you can withdraw from the survey at any point and if you want to lodge a complaint, you can do so.

Our email address is

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