About the award

At Career Ready we are proud to celebrate the achievements of our students, volunteers, employer partners and schools. Each year we offer a number of awards that recognise individuals who demonstrate outstanding commitment to our programme. 

The Leidos Career Ready Student of the Year Award recognises the students who have made the most progress during their Career Ready experience. That does not necessarily mean the best students or those with the highest academic results, but those who have come furthest on their Career Ready journey.

Students can be nominated by school/college coordinators, SMT, Local Advisory Board members and mentors.

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In a maximum of 500 words (typically between half a page and a full page of A4 paper) please explain why you are nominating this student and give examples to demonstrate how they meet the criteria and why you think they deserve to win. Please refer to the nomination pack for guidance.

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Your submission will be sent to Yvonne Plows, Events Manager for Career Ready, who will confirm your nomination and be in touch, in the New Year, after the application deadline.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Yvonne by emailing: yvonne.plows@careerready.org.uk.