This questionnaire has been created in collaboration with St. Columba's Parent Council. The responses from the survey will be collated and used to inform the School Improvement Plan. All responses are important. If you would be more comfortable completing this questionnaire anonymously then please do so. If you are able to share your contact details it will enable the parent council to contact you directly with news and information. Your personal details will not be shared with any other parties.

We can also provide paper copies of the questionnaire for anyone who may be more comfortable completing it on paper.
Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. It should not take any longer than 5 minutes to complete.

* 1. Please read the following statements about your experience as a St. Columba's parent / carer and then select your response.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Don't Know
My child is happy at St. Columba's
My child feels safe and cared for at St. Columba's
My child has the opportunity to learn about and develop in faith at St Columba's
My child is progressing well at St. Columba's
My child is encouraged and stretched to work to the best of their ability at St. Columba's
My child has opportunities to develop their skills for work at St Columba's
The curriculum at St Columba's meets my child's needs
My child receives appropriate homework for their age
I feel staff at St. Columba's really know my child as an individual and support them well
My child is treated fairly and with respect at school
St. Columba's deals effectively with bullying
St. Columba's is well led and managed
St. Columba's responds well to any concerns I raise
I receive valuable information from St. Columba's about my child's progress
My child has opportunities to celebrate their personal achievements
Arrangements for my child starting at the school, moving between year groups and leaving the school have been helpful.
My child receives helpful support and guidance in in choosing subjects
My child receives appropriate information and support in planning their career pathways
My child benefits from school clubs and activities provided outside the classroom.
The school takes my views into account
I would recommend St Columba's to other parents and carers

* 2. Please answer the following questions about St. Columba's Parent Council and then select the appropriate answer.

  Yes No Don't know
Are you aware that a Parent Council is in place at St. Columba's?
Are you aware of the Parent Council objectives, goals and responsibilities?
Are you aware of the Parent Council Information area within the school website?
Have you ever attended a Parent Council meeting?
Have you ever asked a Parent Council member to raise an issue on your behalf?
Do you read the minutes of the Parent Council meetings?
Are you aware of how to contact the Parent Council?

* 3. Is there anything St. Columba's Parent Council could do, or put in place to help you attend a meeting?

* 4. Many members of the school community support the Parent Council in ways other than attending meetings. Would be able to occasionally support any of the following? Please select those you may be able to support.

* 5. Are you involved in, or aware of a community initiative you would like to present or discuss at a future Parent Council Meeting?

* 6. We all have a role to play in preparing the pupils of St. Columba's for the world of further study and work. The pupils are always keen to find out about any job, everything from Accountant to Zoologist and everything in between. Would you be able to talk to small groups of pupils about your job? If yes, please tell us what your job is.

* 7. We plan to share the results of our survey with as many parents as possible. Please scale your preferred options below. 

  First Choice Second Choice Third Choice Fourth Choice Fifth Choice
Email - I will provide contact details below
I can take part in a focus group of parents/carers
Publish a summary in the next school newsletter
Publish on the school website
Publish a summary on Facebook and Twitter

* 8. What age is your child / children? Please tick all which apply.

* 9. Do you have additional comments, advice or questions for St. Columba's Parent Council?

* 10. Please provide your contact details and let us know if you would like to be entered into our prize draw for a £25 Amazon Voucher.