Help us shape a new Blueprint for Scotland

Every five years SCDI produces a Blueprint for the Scottish economy. It is the 10 year policy vision and strategy of our members with a track record of shaping economic policy. The 2015 Blueprint, From Fragile to Agile, included recommendations for an Infrastructure Commission, fundamental reform of the business rates system, a new productivity network for businesses, and other measures which have since been adopted.

We are now developing Blueprint 2020 and we’re asking what Scotland should aim to be known for in the global economy of 2030? We’ve identified three key themes around ‘Learning Throughout Life’, so that all our people are equipped to thrive in a rapidly changing economy; ‘A Living Lab For Innovations’, to attract investment in innovations that benefit people; and ‘Places People Want To Live’.

This quick survey will help guide us as we refresh our blueprint for Scotland's economy. Starting with thematic questions before asking views on the big questions we need to answer.

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