Steven Jenkins Rainbow Playground at Sandham Ground, Sandown.

The town council is conducting a short survey in relation to the equipment in the Steven Jenkins Rainbow Playground at Sandham Ground, Sandown. 

Recently there has been damage to some of the equipment in the playground which has led to it being taken out of use. 

Please take a few minutes to answer these questions and let us know what you think we should do regarding the equipment in the park. 

Question Title

* 1. We have had issues with damage to certain pieces of equipment, (sprung animals, swings).

Do you think the council should replace this with a different type of equipment that is less prone to being damaged?

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* 2. Do you think there is a suitable range of equipment for different age groups?

Question Title

* 3. If not which age range do you think would benefit most from new equipment?

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* 4. What equipment would you like to see within the playground?

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* 5. Do you want CCTV installed to protect investment and improve safety for users?

 CCTV would be subject to guidance.

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