What is a Census Support Adviser?

During the 9 week census period you will provide support to members of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) community to complete their census online.

Every household in the UK will receive a letter asking them to complete their census online, and in some cases they may be sent a paper questionnaire. There will be a national advertising campaign which will remind people that it is mandatory to complete their census, and this will be supported by local marketing which will promote the Census Support Service.

You will meet and greet the people who come to Switchboard to complete the census and check they have the information they need to answer the questions. If they do not bring their own device you will have a tablet or laptop to provide them with.

You will assist them to log onto the census portal, using a unique Switchboard web address. Depending on the digital and literacy skills of the individuals who come to your organisation, the support you provide to help them complete the questionnaire will take between 20-40 minutes. You may be required to assist them with reading and/or understanding each question, helping them to use ONS’s online help guide, or inputting answers on their behalf.

At the end of each support transaction you will complete some simple questions to log that you have delivered a support transaction, record how the person heard about the service, and whether they were able to complete their census at the end of the transaction. We will not keep any personal data about the person completing their census. 
You will recieve more detailed information during the mandated training that will be conducted through a mixed face to face and online training platforms. All volunteers will have their expenses covered - such as PPE, travel and food if they work over 4 hours away from home. We particularly encourage volunteers with lived experience of identifying as LGBTQ to apply.

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* 1. In the 9 weeks between March 4th and May 6th, how many hours per week might you be available to support people in completing the census?
(either remotely or in person)

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* 2. How we deliver our census support will be in keeping with government guidance and safety measures around Covid-19 at the time. Presuming we are able to provide face to face and remote support, are you limited in what you can deliver?

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* 3. Please leave your contact details below so we can get in touch about this opportunity:

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