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* 1. Have you ever read The Gryphon?

* 2. Where do you usually pick your copy of The Gryphon up from?

* 3. Which sections of The Gryphon do you read or follow on social media?

* 4. On a scale of 1 - 5, how likely are you to read each section of The Gryphon? (With 1 meaning highly unlikely and 5 meaning highly likely).

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* 5. Where would be the easiest place for you to pick up a copy of The Gryphon? (Both on campus and off campus)

* 6. How would you rate our social media presence, with 0 being very weak and 10 being very strong? i.e. How often do you see The Gryphon appearing in your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds?

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* 7. How do you prefer to read articles (from any publication)?

* 8. With regards to The Gryphon, which news stories are you most interested in? (Select all that apply)

* 9. Have you written for The Gryphon before?

* 10. Do you think The Gryphon is a brand which appeals to students?

* 11. What more can The Gryphon do to appeal to students?

* 12. Did you vote for any Gryphon editor-in-chief candidates in the 2016 LUU Leadership Race?

* 13. Do you have any further comments on The Gryphon and how we can improve?