Survey Information

York is now part of the Age Friendly Network which means we work towards ensuring people are able to live healthy and active lives as they grow older. We want older residents to become active citizens, shaping the place that they live in by working alongside local groups, councils and businesses to identify and make changes to both the physical and social environment.

We have identified how we will look at the World Health Organisation - Age Friendly statements to establish an understanding of where we are at now and what we want to achieve going forward. The areas we will look at in order are: Your Journey; Your Destination; Your Time; Your Access to Information; Your Home and Your Services.

We have already consulted with Your Journey and Your Destination and have had some very rich information:

Your Journey consultation key findings - August 2019
Your Destination consultation key findings - October 2019

We now want to find out your views about “Your Leisure Time” which will take about 10 minutes to complete and asks your views the opportunities there are in York for social activities and volunteering.

Who should fill in this survey:
  • You live in York and are an older person or have an interest in ensuring the best experience for people growing old in York
  • You work for an organisation that meets the interest of older people in York
  • You are part of a volunteer group that engages with older people
  • You are a carer or have a neighbour or relative that is an older person in York
Please note “older person” is deliberately not stated as a specific age as people like to self-define and we are looking for people to plan ahead for older age.

If you have any questions please contact If you use Twitter you can always keep in touch through searching and using @AgeFriendlyYork.