A survey by HERE+NOW on behalf of the Central Scotland Green Network initiative

Thank you for taking the time to help us with this survey on behalf of the Central Scotland Green Network initiative. We are interested in finding out what you think of the Little France Park green cycling and walking routes through the park, as this project has been selected as international exemplar for integrating city walking and cycling networks with green space. 
Your comments here will help us better understand the impact that the Little France Park green active travel routes have had for local people. We will integrate what we learn from your experiences of using this route into our case study.  Occasionally this may include quotations. If you would prefer your responses to remain anonymous or for your responses to not be quoted in any way please make a note when responding and we will ensure this is respected.  If you would like to be kept updated with the project please leave your contact details at the end of the survey. Thank you.
In compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act, the information provided will be used solely for the specific project which we are consulting on. No information contained in the results will be attributed to the person who submitted it without their explicit consent being obtained in advance. Any personal details gathered will be used for solely by CSGNT (the Trust) and not be provided to any third parties. The survey results may be anonymised and, for information and/or research purposes, may also be made available to other organisations to assist our communications regarding the project. All data collected by the Trust for the purpose of the survey will be held and processed by the Trust in a secure environment. All data will be anonymised and stored for a maximum of two years; it will then be destroyed.

* 1. Do you live nearby to Little France Park? How often do you use the walking and cycling routes through the park?

* 2. Were you involved in the process of developing or implementing the Little France Park walking and cycling routes? How? If not, were others in your community?

* 3. What do you like about the Little France Park walking and cycling routes and their setting? Are there particular qualities or features that you particularly like?

* 4. What do you feel are the main benefits of Little France Park's walking and cycling routes and their green parkland setting for you?

* 5. Has Little France Park or the paths through it influenced your walking or cycling behaviour at all? If so, how?

* 6. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about the project that we might not know?

* 7. Please leave your contact details to be kept updated with the later stages of this study. You can also share your photos or thoughts about what makes the Little France Park walking and cycling routes special online with #WalkCycleGreen #LittleFrancePark.