You are being invited to participate in a survey for women over 55.

This survey is being done by Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support (SARSAS), The Women’s Centre Cornwall, Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services and Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre. We are interested in collecting information on the relationship and sexual experiences of women over 55 and developing support services for women* who have experienced sexual trauma.

We take your privacy very seriously. Your responses will be anonymous and we will remove any information that means you can be indentified. There will be the opportunity to provide your contact details if you wish to be further involved in the project.  

The survey should take no more than 15 - 30 minutes and contains up to 34 possible questions. This survey contains some questions which you may find upsetting to think about. All the questions are voluntary, feel free to leave any questions you would prefer not to answer. 

If you need support with completing this survey or would like it in paper format, you can get in touch by emailing or by telephone on 0117 929 9556.

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*anyone who identifies as a woman

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* 1. Please tick this box if you have read and understood that this information will be used for research purposes

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