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The Scottish Agility Dog of the Year (SADOTY) competition is organised annually by the Scottish Kennel Club. The competition aims to select Scotland's top competing agility dogs in the previous year who then compete in the final. The final is held at Scottish Kennel Club's August show at the Royal Highland Centre. Winners of the final are awarded the title of Scottish Agility Dog of the Year. The holder of the SADOTY - Large title represents Scotland in the Kennel Club International Agility Competition at Crufts in March the following year (there is currently no equivalent competition for dogs of any other height).

Only grade 6 and 7 dogs whose owners live in Scotland and are handled by someone living in Scotland are eligible for this competition.

Currently there are 15 qualifiers for the SADOTY finals held at shows in Scotland in the 12 months prior to the final. The winners of the small and medium heat and the winner and runner up of the large heats are invited to the finals, providing they had a clear round within the course time in the heat. This has been the system in place for the last three years. Prior to that dogs gained points towards qualification at every Scottish show in the previous 12 months with the first grade 6/7 agility class being a points class each day at every show.

These two qualification systems rewarded consistency and success differently.

The Scottish Kennel Club is reviewing the qualification process for the Scottish Agility Dog of the Year - any changes will come into effect for SADOTY 2018.

The two main alternatives we are considering are:
1 Retaining a qualify by winning a heat approach
This is the current qualification approach where heats are held and winners (and in Large second places) are invited to the finals.
2. A points system
A number of heats will be held at Scottish Shows where those eligible for SADOTY and placed are awarded points. These points will accrue during the year and the top dogs then invited to the finals. Such a system might follow the Crufts singles (details can be found here Crufts Qualifiers).

At the same time some consideration will be given to the format of the final to see if this should be improved.

We would welcome your input to this review and would therefore appreciate you taking 5 minutes to complete this survey. Your feedback will be taken into account when we consider how to format this competition in the future.

The survey is open until midnight on Sunday 5th March 2017.

Sara Hawkswell
SKC Agility Coordinator

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