Welcome to the Pitcalzean Easter School booking form.

There's quite a lot here, but please do have a careful read through, as it's important information!

Please only use 1 form per party, so that we can keep you all together.

You can check costs here: http://www.sempervivum.org.uk/?page_id=657

Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, but please book as soon as possible as there is always a lot of interest in this event and places are limited. Your booking should be acknowledged by email within a week, but if you don't hear from us within that time, please get in touch on enquiries@sempervivum.org.uk. Sempervivum is run on an entirely voluntary basis and sometimes we need a quick reminder.

Your booking will not be firm until you have also paid a deposit of 50% by the end of December 2017. Here are the details to make a bank transfer. Deposits  need to be paid by bank transfer (if you have to pay by cheque then do, but it is far easier for us to deal with bank transfers).

The Sempervivum Bank of Scotland account number is 00640726. Sort code: 80-11-00. Please indicate the purpose of the payment on the transfer (‘deposit’ on 1stpayment, ‘balance’ on 2nd), and also let Ian know when it has been paid in (ischofield57@gmail.com) so that we can track the payments. N.B. Please put your name as the reference, so we know who's paid! And however you're paying, please let us know whether it's a deposit, a balance or payment in full.

If you have to send a cheque not a bank transfer, then please make it payable to Sempervivum, and send to:

Ian Schofield
8 Ormelie Terrace
Edinburgh EH15

If you would like to enquire about a bursary, or have any other questions about the booking process - or the event - please refer to the information email we sent out in the first instance. If you're still puzzled, or have not received the email, please contact Sally at: sally_freedman@yahoo.co.uk

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and New Year. Hope to see you at Easter!

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* 1. Please give the names of everyone in your party, with the ages of any kids/teens in it.

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* 2. Your email address:

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* 3. Please enter the number of people in your party that DON'T eat each of the foods in the list below - even if that number is 0.

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* 4. If you ticked 'other' above, please let us know what other food needs you have.

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* 5. If you ticked any of the above, we need a bit more information

  Yes No
If you ticked dairy, are you happy with a soya substitute?
If you ticked dairy, are you happy with a goat substitute?
If you ticked wheat, are you OK with gluten?
If you ticked nuts, is your reaction mild?

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* 6. "If you are bringing children or teens can you let us know what kind of childcare/ teen support you would hope for for them?

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* 7. We will contact you nearer the time to try to put drivers with space together with people who need a lift - and co-ordinate pick ups from the station. How do you think you'll be travelling?

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* 8. If you'd like to come but can't afford it, please say so here, as we have bursaries to offer! To apply for a bursary please email Sally at: sally_freedman@yahoo.co.uk – by 31st December briefly stating why you are applying and what level of support would make a difference.

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* 9. Thanks for completing this form. If you have any questions, please contact us on enquiries@sempervivum.org.uk.
If there's anything you need to tell us that you've not had space for so far please use this box:

Someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible with further information about the week.