St Nicholas' Square - share your feedback!

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Artists impression of the new design for the square
This survey has been put together to share the design proposals for St Nicholas' Square, Colchester. Funding from central government's Town Deal has been awarded to Colchester Borough Council, enabling this important but neglected public space to be improved.

We have been working with local businesses, councillors and representatives from different user groups to develop a design that achieves the project’s ambitions. We would like to know what you think about the designs we have developed, and how we could make them better. Please explore the proposals and share your feedback on the questions as you go!

We are also holding a community webinar at 6pm, 2 March 2021, where you can ask any questions you have about the project. Full details are on the final page of this survey.

We will take on board your comments as we develop the designs and submit a full planning application. We expect the project to start on site in late Spring 2021 and be completed a few months later.